The Other Crucifix – Benjamin Kwakye

Year of Publication: 2010

Genre: Fiction

‘Was my arrival in the US a day to curse or bless?’ begins the story.

‘All is renewed and my life starts again.’ ends the story.

Between these two lines is a masterly, well-crafted narrative with its twists and turns, despair and hopes, high-pitched dreams and stuggles of a young man named Jojo Badu.

The novel tells the story of Jojo Badu, who seeks educational sojourn in the United States. Before he leaves to the United States, his family and loved ones bid him farewell and hope for his return. His much loved Uncle, Uncle Kusi pleadges his support to work with him upon return. Marjorie, his beloved, refuses to accompany him to the airport.

Upon arrival in the States, Jojo is presented with many challenges that would later help reshape him into a responsible man.

Having knocked the novel down in a day and a half, the story left me with many thoughts.

When there is an attempted coup in Ghana, Jojo is met with sorrow, pain and fear when the news about the involvement of his uncle is relayed to him.

So what happened to Uncle Kusi who was more than a father to Jojo Badu?

Would Jojo Badu return back home?

Benjamin Kwakye is a brilliant writer, he writes intellectually.

The Other Crucifix is expertly written with a blend of political and historical events and explore themes that are relevant to Africa and African-American culture.

My favorite part of the novel is summed up in Jojo’s utterances:

‘How could my Uncle Kusi be rendered so inconsequencial? Was this the country to which I wanted to return to after graduation? Check.’ Page 112.

This is one novel you cannot underrate. Highly, Highly, Highly, Highly, Highly Recommended!

See my reviews on ‘The Clothes of Nakedness‘ and ‘The Sun by Night‘ all by the same author.

Copies are available at

Purchases in Ghana can be made at The Silverbird Bookstore in Accra.


17 Responses to The Other Crucifix – Benjamin Kwakye

  1. amymckie says:

    Wow, another great review of this author from you. I hope I can track down these books soon. No ebook available yet I see, but maybe some day. Or I see it is also on, so maybe I will cave and place an order there sometime soon 🙂 Thanks!


  2. I see you are really an aficionado of Ben Kwakye. I hope to pass there soon and grab a copy so that like, Kinna, I can talk with you on that.

    I am also reading Matigari next…. still on Toni Morrison’s.


    • Geosi says:

      Go ahead and grab a copy for yourself. It is an interesting novel. I will be glad to hear your thoughts when you’ve read it.

      I started Matigari today and looking forward to a good read.


  3. Kinna says:

    Well, you definitely whet my appetite. I’m going to read this soon. I sense that it is one that might resonate with me. Looking forward to it.


  4. Linda says:

    Geosi, just got myself a copy from the mall and then chanced on this review. I can’t wait to start right away…seems it would be an interesting read.


  5. badu Annan says:

    Pls is this author a typical Ghanaian or an African American? Your review sounds like it would be an good book.


  6. Reuben says:

    Your review sounds interesting…Never read him… but are u sure you’re not over-rating dis book…Geosi, this is your friend Reuben…POJOBA…lol!


    • Geosi says:

      Reuben, I’m not over-rating him. I only recommend good books to my readers and having read all his books, I think by far, he is extremely good. If you haven’t read him, you should begin soon…lol!


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