The Bloody Ingrate – Sylvanus Bedzrah

Year of Publication: 2010

Genre: Fiction

When I first set eyes on this book in the bookstore, I flipped through the pages until I realized that the book was both printed and published in Ghana. I was utterly overjoyed. Why? The Ghanaian publishing industries, in recent times, have come under severe criticism by the public for not publishing enough books of quality standard hence the low patronage. But if anything is go by, I think it was the cover of the book that drew my attention.

Well, this is a novel that focuses on campus life and more or less, one for young adults. The writer narrates the story by the use of the first person narrative and this captures the reader’s attention as if it was addressing the reader. The writing is very simple and the story straight-forward and it is one very synonymous to life issues, situations and events that often occurs among young adults at Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Synopsis from the back cover:

‘Wendy is a promising young lady and the only daughter of a wealthy couple. Her ambitions of achieving something meaningful in life seemed on course until she gave in to the so-called ‘Campus Love’ characterized by trust. This trust was eventually betrayed by Chris, her boyfriend in Senior High School, in spite of the numerous sacrifices she had to make for him.’

The author is also a campaigner for creating awareness for the need to developing the habit of reading among the youth and I liked a quote from page 149:

‘No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time to read or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.’– Atwood H. Townsend.

Geosi will be interviewing this author very soon!

Being a debut novel, I strongly believe that this novel should be commended.

17 Responses to The Bloody Ingrate – Sylvanus Bedzrah

  1. Geosi, I met the author of this novel at the National Theatre when I was attending a literary night to celebrate the literary works of Efua Sutherland. I am one who is attracted and repulsed by titles. When I read the title and the synopsis I was able to picture the whole story in my mind and so it put me off, instead of attracting me.

    The problem is that one shouldn’t summarise the story in his synopsis, especially for stories that aren’t multi-layered. However, I think it is a good step, especially it being homegrown. And I believe he was sponsored by Zain or so.

    In the interview you could ask him if how he organises the writing process and how he is promoting it. I would be interested in that.


    • Geosi says:

      Thanks for this comment Nana…I will try as much as possible to have him answer those questions posed…and yes…I will agree with you that this is a good step.


  2. linda says:

    I actually remember a young girl in my neighborhood holding this book… and I decided to question him about what the book was about…All she told me was that she has learned never to trust boys. From her response, I could readily sense that the book carried many lessons for young children. I may want to try this sometime.


    • Geosi says:

      I would have to agree with you that the book has many morals to tell the young ones…and after all, stories are meant to educate, to inform, to change bad behaviors etc. I think the author would like to hear this.


  3. Myna says:

    I certainly agree with you Geosi…that the cover of the book is inviting. I also saw it at Silverbird bookstore sometime ago but could not buy it. Maybe I have to go grab it and read…I am a high school girl and in SHS 2. From your review, this book could be my story…Thank you!


  4. Sena says:

    I will be looking forward to the interview but please find out from him about the response to his campaign for reading…certainly, I know Ghanaians don’t read that much. lol


  5. Vivian says:

    I hear this writer is only 23 years and was sponsored by Zain Telecommunications. Geosi is it true? I like to know but if it’s true about the Zain, then I think other networks in Ghana should emulate Zains example and this would be good for writers in Ghana. lol!


    • Geosi says:

      I will find out from the author and so you might want to expect the interview…that said, I think your suggestion about network companies supporting writers is a brilliant idea.


  6. amymckie says:

    This sounds like an interesting story. I’ll be interested to read the interview!


  7. bedzrah says:

    I really appreciate all your comments. I will work with the constructive criticisms to do better and the compliments to do more…. But please go get your copy. _THE AUTHOR.


  8. Jemima says:

    When i read the book it gave me an inner insight about the SHS life and that I have to take care of myself and be so involved with boys


  9. i was really touched when i finished reading this book with lots of lessons out in me
    tears couldn’t stop flowing from my eyes will urge u all to read it


  10. i love to to read it how and whenever…..its juxt a book once seen, never forgoten…….


  11. Kobby says:

    I need a copy to buy and read. How do I get it?


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