Beefing Up My Shelves – JAN. 10, 2011!

Over the weekend, I visited a number of bookstores and made some purchases and I thought it worthwhile to bring it to the notice of my readers. Most of the books bought are as a result of good reviews heard from book bloggers.

They are as follows:

I hope to get through these books before the end of the year. Although none of the books are inclusive in the challenges I have signed up for this year, I hope to read them along-side those for the challenges.

6 Responses to Beefing Up My Shelves – JAN. 10, 2011!

  1. I have read Cloth Girl, Powder Necklace, Through the Gates of Thought and only completed Neighbours yesterday.

    My favourite on the list is Neighbours: The Story of a Murder and Powder Necklace. Through the Gates of Thought is a collection of commentaries on social life in Ghana and poems. It is a creative non-fiction. There is a section on The Ghanaian at 50, very interesting. Cloth Girl is an interesting story but the version I read, published by Cassava Republic, was replete with typos. I enjoyed it though and it seemed biographical with the author being the third generation or so. African Love Stories has been on my list for some time. I would buy it the next time I visit the shop.


    • Geosi says:

      Nana, thanks so much for briefing me about the books. It’s incredible that you’ve read most the books I bought. I will satrt with Neighbours first and then follow it up with Powder necklace as you say are your favourites among them. Thanks.


  2. amymckie says:

    What fantastic looking books! I have African Love Stories on my shelf as well to read this year 🙂 I hope you enjoy Powder Necklace as well. The rest I will be watching for your thoughts on as they look great.


  3. Great, Geosi, thanks. Will be looking forward to your review of my book.


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