Interviews Manu Herbstein

On February 3, my colleaque blogger at Accra books and things made a post on an interview had with the award winning author, Manu Herbstein.

After reading Manu’s responses to the many questions he was asked, I knew that I had to prompt my readers about it. In fact, I enjoyed most of his responses as he was straight to the point.

Manu Herbstein holds a dual citizenship as he is both South African and a Ghanaian.

Here is one of his responses:

Any final thoughts you would like to share?

The Burt Award is a great idea. First Ethiopia, next Tanzania, then Ghana and now Kenya hosts an annual contest for a novel targeted at 12-15 year olds with a first prize of $10,000. The writers have to be resident citizens. All honour to the generous Canadian, Bill Burt, whose idea this was and who funds it. The Japanese funded Noma Prize is no more. The Caine Prize is British funded. What a pity and shame that with all their talk of an African Renaissance, our political leaders have been so mean in their patronage of the arts and creative writing in particular. Mo Ibrahim should consider giving up his futile search for ex-presidents worthy of his prize and devote his philanthropy to the recognition and nurturing of African literary and other creative achievement.

And then there is China, but that’s another story.

I have Manu Heibstein’s book, Ama on my wishlist and hope to get to it one day. You may want to read the full interview here.

4 Responses to Interviews Manu Herbstein

  1. I have recently undertaken the pleasant task of working with Manu Herbstein on the editing of Brave Music of a Distant Drum, his young adult novel soon to be published in Canada. Red Deer Press is extremely pleased to be bringing this powerful version of Ama’s story to Canada’s teens.

    Thank you for this insightful (and well-timed for me) interview.


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