Beefing Up My Shelves – FEB. 22, 2011!

I must say that my visit to the bookstores over the weekend saw me buy books that were new to me as I had not heard not of the authors before. However, my purchases may have been as a result of some interesting things – like cover designs, the publisher and perhaps, the synopsis at the back cover.

The books are as follows:

(A) The Tortilla Curtain by T.C Boyle: Boyle is the author of A Friend of the Earth and Riven Rock. The copy I have was published by Penguin. The book won the Prix Medicis Etranger award.

(B) Ironweed by William Kennedy: Kennedy is the author of Legs and Billy Phelan’s greatest Game. The Philadelphia Inquirer said of the book as ‘One of the richest, most startling, and most satisfying American novels in recent years’. It won the Pulitzer Prize award. It is also published by Penguin.

Have you heard about any of these books. Please, just let me know?

6 Responses to Beefing Up My Shelves – FEB. 22, 2011!

  1. The other is a Pulitzer Prize winner and the first is colourful. Enjoy the read.


  2. I must admit I have not heard of these books. Since the cover and the synopsis appealed to you chances are you will like them. Looking forward to seeing what you think of them. Enjoy!


  3. amymckie says:

    I haven’t heard of either of these books! Interested to hear your opinions.


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