Beefing Up My Shelves – MAR. 14, 2011!

My usual weekend hunt saw me acquiring two books. With the rate at which I am acquiring new and wanted books onto my shelves, it seems I may have to get extra shelves as the old ones are filled and would have no room for new ones.

With this new challenge I am about facing, I have been thinking about so many alternatives for my new books. The most convenient solution that I have thought of and likely to acquire is a kindle. Do you think a kindle would be the ultimate solution for my new books? Should I build additional shelves which is likely to take up all the spaces in my room? Should I stop acquiring new books altogether and concentrate on reading those on my shelves? What do you suggest that I do?

Here are the books I purchased:

(1) Property by Valerie Martin: This book won the Orange Prize in 2003. Toni Morrison has said of the book as ‘The writing – so prised and clean – limbed – is a marvel’. The novel is set in America’s deep South in the early nineteenth century. The story revolves around Sarah, a slave girl given to Manon as a wedding present, whose young son Walter is living proof of where Manon’s husband’s inclinations lie.

(2) The Frequency of Souls by Mary Kay Zuravleff: I think I purchased this book for no other reason than the publisher of the book – Penguin. Over the years, Penquin publishers have published some great deal of good books and I thought this could be one of them. I hope I enjoy this book.

Let me hear your comments on what you think about these books and perhaps, your thoughts on my acquisition of new books.

7 Responses to Beefing Up My Shelves – MAR. 14, 2011!

  1. Very strange books you have acquired, at least to me. Hope you would enjoy them.


  2. Regarding creating spaces for your books, others have used Kindle. I sometimes pick books from my shelf to refresh my mind. I don’t know if acquiring an e-reader would make this possible. Besides, I am very conservative when it comes to books. In as much as I love technology, I cannot comprehend that books would soon become antique. I believe we are rushing our world. Does it mean that when your system crushes you won’t read, or when you are attacked by viruses we shan’t read. Let’s be very careful… who knows that Japan would be going through a Nuclear disaster? Yet, it has happened. Nowadays with the internet and all, people could hijack anything they want to hijack and I wouldn’t want my books to be hijacked. I would continue to stick to my books, that’s if publishers are kind enough to make them available and not rush into switching over completely.


  3. blodeuedd says:

    Oh shelves, that is always the problem isn’t it 😉 I have many books, but so few shelves. Still I love looking at my books.

    Great buys


  4. amymckie says:

    I hadn’t heard of these books but both sound interesting. I find the Kindle can be a good solution to space issues but definitely a high up front cost. As well, I find some books are only available in the US, lending seems to still be US only, etc. I’d recommend checking the site first to see what the selection is like being in Ghana. There are also less older African works available on it, though many of the new titles do have eversions. Sooo… I love the Kindle but it does have limitations! Also makes it impossible to lend books to friends and family (unless you lend the device).


    • Geosi says:

      Amy, thanks for peeling out those points for me. Certainly, I would have to consider all those positives and limitations before making my decision. Thanks.


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