25-Year Old Tea Obreht Wins 2011 Orange Prize for Fiction

I have long awaited the announcement of the winner of the 2011 Orange Prize for fiction. At last, it’s here. As I counted months and days and hours and minutes and seconds, finally the award goes to 25 year old Serbian/American author, Tea Obreht. Winning the award with her debut novel, The Tiger’s Wife, she becomes the youngest-ever author to take the prize.

Bettany Hughes, Chair of Judges, said: ‘The Tiger’s Wife is an exceptional book and Tea Obreht is a truly exciting new talent. Obreht’s powers of observation and her understanding of the world are remarkable. By skillfully spinning a series of magical tales she has managed to bring the tragedy of chronic Balkan conflict thumping into our front rooms with a bittersweet vivacity.’

Congratulations to Tea Obreht.

You may want to read the full announcement here.

8 Responses to 25-Year Old Tea Obreht Wins 2011 Orange Prize for Fiction

  1. winstonsdad says:

    It is a good book as a debut ,I like it in parts ,she did well to win at such a young age ,all the best stu


  2. zibilee says:

    I am also amazed that Obreht took the prize, especially since she is so young. Glad to hear it though! Are you planning on reading the book?


  3. SarahNorman says:

    I can’t believe she is only 25! I find that so depressing . . .


  4. @Sarah I understand your point of view. It puts unnecessary pressure on the author to better it. There are two things that always come out of this… 1. You are always known by ‘the author of ….’ even when you have written many other books. and then there is 2. the writer’s block.

    But now since we cannot foretell the future with any certainty we can only wish her well and hope she manages the pressure so well. She just should write, minding not of the awards nor the comparisons people are going to make with her successive books.


  5. Adura Ojo says:

    Lol @ SarahNorman. They do start young these days;-)
    I’m intrigued cos apparently, this is her first novel.


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