What is the Best Time to Write?

This is a question that has been on mind for a long time. I think it is about time I throw it out to all my cherished readers.

Reading from the Paris Review Interviews, Volumes 1 & 2, I picked up some questions and responses from some of the authors interviewed.

James Baldwin, author of books like Go Tell It on the Mountain and Giovanni’s Room was asked: ‘How many pages do you write in a day?’ Here was his response: ‘I write at night. After the day is over, and supper is over, I begin, and work until about three or four a.m.’

Peter Carey, one of two authors to have won the Booker Prize twice with books like Oscar & Lucinda and True History of the Kelly Gang was also asked the question: ‘When do you write?’ Here was his response: ‘Mostly in the mornings. Nonfiction writers tend not to understand this; they can write for eighteen hours straight, it seems. At the very end of a book I can manage to work for longer stretches, but mostly, making stuff up for three hours, that’s enough. I can’t do any more…’

Isaac Bashevis Singer, Polish Jewish American author and winner of Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978 was asked the question: …Do you work every day, seven days a week? This was his response: ‘Well, when I get up in the morning, I always have the desire to sit down to write. And most of the days I do write something…’

Well, I could go on and on… The question I throw to you this week is that, ‘What is the Best Time to Write?’ Is it in the morning, afternoon or evening, or at dawn, etcetera? Let me hear from you.

14 Responses to What is the Best Time to Write?

  1. So interesting that you posted this since I’ve been thinking about this myself. I think the morning is the best time, at least for me, that’s when I’m the most creative. However, because I get up so early for my day job, I can’t write in the morning and try to do it in the evening, but most nights I’m too drained.


  2. amymckie says:

    No specific time for me… I suppose either early morning before work if I haven’t scheduled a review but that is more just last minute as opposed to a specific time! Most of my writing I tend to do in the evenings I think. What about you?


  3. winstonsdad says:

    I tend to wriote around my work as I work shifts it varies ,all the best stu


  4. zibilee says:

    I think that morning is my most creative time, and that’s the best time for me to write. I have tried to write in the afternoon and evening, but things just seem to fuzzy and scattered at that time of the day. I much prefer to get an early start. This was a great question! When do you prefer to write?


  5. SarahNorman says:

    very interesting. i personally can’t imagine writing at night! i think mornings are best, before th day overwhelms you . . .


  6. Vishy says:

    This is a fascinating topic, Geosi! I used to love writing in the morning – get up early and get cracking 🙂 I tried writing a novel a few years back, and during those times I tried working at all hours, but I enjoyed the most when I wrote in the morning, starting early morning and going on till lunch time or in the night after dinner. I think those are my best writing times today too – when things are quiet and there is no interruption and I can focus my thoughts on what I am writing. I think the post-lunch time is the most difficult to write, because the mind is a bit lazy 🙂


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