Time of the Writer Festival, Durban (South Africa)

Eighteen writers from around South Africa, Africa and abroad will gather for the 15th Time of the Writer International Writers Festival to be held at Durban.

The festival takes place from the 19 – 24 March and is hosted by the Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal), with principal support by National Lottery Distribution Fund, will feature a diverse gathering of leading novelists, short story writers, poets and crime writers.

Some of the participating writers are Ghanaian born writer Benjamin Kwakye, Nigerian author and poet Chris Abani, Durban-based Shubnum Khan, Egyptian writer Bahaa Taher, Nigerian born writer Yewande Omotoso, Jamaican writer Kwame Dawes and a host of others.

For more information please visit here.

4 Responses to Time of the Writer Festival, Durban (South Africa)

  1. This is definitely going to be a great programme with all these individuals attending. Guess you will be there.


  2. Wish I could be a proverbial “fly on the wall”


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