Nadine Gordimer Speaks at Africa Century Literary Art & Orature

Nelson Mandela Centre for Memory

Johannesburg- Yesterday (July 31), Nadine Gordimer was the main speaker at a Public Lecture & Dialogue organised by the Africa Century Literary Art & Orature. The programme took place at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, Houghton.

The Nobel Laureate, Gordimer, spoke on the topic, ‘How Have Our Writers Influenced Change In The Minds Of South Africans?’ Gordimer, in her speech, spoke on a number of significant issues. One of them, which struck me, was her comments on her difficulty in acquiring some South African books in physical bookstores. According to her, she had to purchase those books on amazon.

After Gordimer’s speech, Ms Barbara Masekela gave a response. In her response, she spoke well-of Gordimer: about their friendship and how she first met Gordimer and her own view and reactions on the main topic for the evening.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed as Gordimer herself was not present. We had to listen to her through audio-visuals. I had problems following her throughout the audio-visuals. Maybe, my expectations to see the real Gordimer give her speech (which never happened) distracted me. So far, I have read two of Gordimer’s novels, July’s People and The Conservationist. I look forward to reading more from her oeuvre.

4 Responses to Nadine Gordimer Speaks at Africa Century Literary Art & Orature

  1. Yohana says:

    It was better if she could have been there.Was there any strong reason (s) for her presence? Though via audio visual, she made a very strong point of shortage of books in local bookstore .Actually, the problem is in many African countries Tanzania in particular.In this case, we find it difficult for writers to awaken people through their artistic weapons.


  2. Hearing her speak through audio-visuals would ahve a surreal as wella simpersonal quality to it. A pity she was not there in person.


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