2012 Golden Baobab Winners Announced

Joy Nwiyi: Winner of Senior Category

The winners of the Golden Baobab Prize for 2012 have been announced.

The Golden Baobab Prize is an African literary award whose goal is to inspire the creation of African stories that children and young adults the world over will love.

The prize is divided into three categories: Senior, Junior and the Rising Writer.

Joy Nwiyi from Nigeria won the Senior Category with her story Something for Next Time.

Jenny Robson from Botswana and South Africa won the Junior Category with her story Wha-Zup Dude?.

Rutendo Chabikwa, from Zimbabwe, won the Rising Writer category for her story Letter from the City.

Read more about the prize here.


2 Responses to 2012 Golden Baobab Winners Announced

  1. Geosi, I’m going to win the next one for 2013.:-) to put Ghana out there. 🙂


  2. Brian Joseph says:

    Hi Geosi – I have been reading some of your posts. Your blog is awesome!

    I really need to read some African literature. These authors look very interesting and seem like a great place to start!


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