Interview with Carol V. Davis, T.S Eliot Prize Winner for Into the Arms of Pushkin

Photo: Carol V. Davis

Photo: Carol V. Davis

Brief Biography:

Carol V. Davis is the author of Between Storms (Truman State University Press, 2012). She won the 2007 T.S. Eliot Prize for Into the Arms of Pushkin: Poems of St. Petersburg.

Geosi Gyasi: This may sound somewhat unimportant but is the Russian language difficult to study?

Carol V. Davis: Yes (laughing) it is if you are a bad language student, as I was. I was always off reading a novel instead of studying my case endings. Russian grammar is difficult in that each word changes depending on what case it is (genetic, dative, etc.).

The rest of the interview will be available in my forthcoming book (2016) by Lamar University Press Books.

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