Interview with Bern Mulvey, Author of “Deep Snow Country”

Photo: Bern Mulvey

Photo: Bern Mulvey

Brief Biography:

Poems by BERN MULVEY have appeared, among other places, in Poetry, Agni, FIELD, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Missouri Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Cimarron Review, The Laurel Review, Passages North and Poetry East. His first book, The Fat Sheep Everyone Wants, won the 2007 Cleveland State University Poetry Center First Book Prize, and his second book, Deep Snow Country, won the 2013 FIELD Poetry Prize. He also has published two chapbooks: The Window Tribe (White Eagle Coffee Store Press, 2005) and Character Readings (Copperdome/Southeast Missouri State University Press, 2012). He lives in Iwate, Japan.

Geosi Gyasi: This certainly will sound odd as the first question, but why are you a writer?

Bern Mulvey: I guess I’m a writer because I can’t imagine being anything else. And yes, I’m also very lucky in that I can make a living doing what I love to do. However, to be honest, I’d be writing regardless.

The rest of the interview will be available in my forthcoming book (2016) by Lamar University Press Books.


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