Interview with Lebanese-American Poet & Writer, Rewa Zeinati

Photo: Rewa Zeinati

Photo: Rewa Zeinati

Brief Biography:

Rewa Zeinati is the founder and editor of Sukoon Magazine, an Arab-themed, online literary journal in English.

Geosi Gyasi: I feel I ought to begin from where I ought to – tell us how you started “Sukoon”?

Rewa Zeinati: I started Sukoon two years ago, but I’d been thinking about the concept or idea behind Sukoon for years. The truth is, it was only during the time that I moved to the US in 2002, to study and live, did I begin to become familiar with literary journals; those incredible little worlds where so many literary voices come together in one place, to find each other, and to be found…

The rest of the interview will be available in my forthcoming book (2016) by Lamar University Press Books.

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