To read the full interviews, you must click on any of the links below. Happy reading!


  1. Actually, you are the bomb. Nice work. Keep it up! You have a powerful drive.

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  2. […] Geosi Gyasi is an avid reader and blogger based in Ghana who has interviewed a wide range of authors over several years. […]


  3. I’m so impressed with the extent of your passion, and the depth of your interviews. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking me to participate in your project.

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    • I’ve just returned to your blog again, and again in awe of your reach and tenacity. Thank you again for the privilege of spending time with you through our interview together. I hope you are well and sharing your gifts in the poetry world and elsewhere! Blessings!


  4. I can testify to Geoffrey’s enthusiasm for anything related to the written word AND beyond. He is amazing!

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  5. ikeboat says:

    Just waiting for my turn as Award-Winning Poet.Working on maiden book dubbed ‘Heart Of Poems’ ,


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