Meet Oyindamola Affinnih – Author of ‘Two Gone… still Counting’

Brief Biography:

Oyindamola Halima Affinnih was born in January 1982. Third in a family of five and attended Pampers Private School for her primary education, FGGC New-Bussa, Niger State for her secondary school and holds a degree in mass communication from an Ogun State University.

She has a Basic Presentation Certificate from FRCN Training school and has written for a couple of newspapers. She presently works part-time with a Public Relations firm in Abuja.

Geosi Reads Interviews Oyindamola Affinnih:

GEOSI READS: Thank you for accepting to be interviewed on Geosi Reads.


GR: Tell us about your book, ‘Two Gone… still Counting’.

OA: two gone… still counting is basically about our beliefs, myths and superstitions and how strongly they are still held even without scientific proof.

GR: Getting a book published could sometimes be difficult. Tell us about how you got your book published.

OA: I worked hard getting the book published, and because it was self-published, the bulk of the work was on me. It was hard not to do it well. I gave it my best and I’m glad it came out beautifully.

GR: How has the book been received in your country?

OA: I intend launching it, so it isn’t officially out. But the few people who have read it are begging very hard for a sequel. I’m however not quite sure there’ll be one.

GR: What does your family think about the book? Have they been supportive?

OA: Oh very much. They are after all my first readers. It’s always beside my mum’s pillow. She picks it very often to feel it, read it again (I’m sure she’s read it more than twenty times) and whisper a prayer for me.

GR: How did you get involved in writing? Have you always wanted to be a writer?

OA: Trust me, no. Can’t explain how it found me. When I remember how it all started, I can’t stop being amazed.

GR: Where does your inspiration come from in terms of your writings?

OA: When I’m under pressure, when I’m upset, when I see how committed some writers are with their works, it becomes natural to be inspired.

GR: How much of that do you devote to writing considering the fact that you also work part-time for a public relations firm?

OA:  Since it’s part-time, we are not always at work except there’s some contract at hand. Writing is easy, when you are very attached to the story, you’ll get a huge urge to finish it, even when your hands are full with other things.

GR: Are you optimistic about the publishing industry in Nigeria?

OA: Yes.

GR: What is the reading culture in Nigeria like? Do Nigerians read at all?

OA: It was initially poor but a lot of people read these days. Chimamanda Adichie organizes a workshop for young writers every year in Nigeria and people respond to it excellently well. There are a lot of fantastic writers coming up too. So yes, Nigerians do read.

GR: Do you have any favorite author(s) you look up to?

OA: I don’t have a favorite but I’ve read some very good books by Updike, Rushdie, Sandra Brown, Chimamanda, Jude Dibia, Andrea Kane. The list is endless.

GR: Can you tell us about your favorite(s) books you have read and still lingers on in your mind?

OA: Brian Chikwava’s ‘Harare North’. Hilarious.

GR: What do you make of the penetration of electronic books in the publishing industry?

OA: Fantastic.

GR: How much of research goes into your writings?

OA: I try to get everything right. Since it’s hard to keep it all perfect, I try to write about things I can easily get access or information about.

GR: How would you define your voice as a writer? How different are you from other Nigerian writers?

OA: It’s hard to say what differentiates me from others. We all have our unique voices. Mine is simple, funny yet fierce.

GR: Is/Are there any challenges you have faced so far in your writings?

OA: Haven’t we all? lol.

GR: Has getting published changed your life in any particular way?

OA: Yes. You know that way people smile at you when they see the picture behind the book and give you a second glance? That respect, the admiration in their eyes is what touches me the most. It reminds me that I have done something great.

GR: What book(s) are you reading now?

OA: Sade Adeniran’s ‘Imagine This’

GR: Do you have any online presence where your readers can read more about you?


Facebook… Oyin Affinnih

GR: Where can readers get copies of your book to buy?

OA: From my website.

GR: Is there something you wish to do sometime in the future?

OA: Yes. I would like to collaborate with a good writer on a good book. I hope it’s sooner than later. The thought of it already excites me.

GR: Your last words?

OA: Everyone should be encouraged to write. I’ve learnt the ‘each one, teach one’ system. So if you are a lazy writer like I use to be and you never get to finish a story, try the short ones. Still a problem? Try the shorter ones. Two paragraphs maybe. As long as it makes a whole lot of sense. I hope you enjoy two gone… still counting.

Thank you Geosi.



29 Responses to Meet Oyindamola Affinnih – Author of ‘Two Gone… still Counting’

  1. Interesting interviews…. more writers coming up.


  2. Linda says:

    I like this interview… I happy to hear that her family are very supportive – This is what parents in Africa must do and not to criticize their children who delve into writing.


  3. Linda says:

    And one more thing… Geosi, I sense that this would be an interesting read.


  4. Winfred says:

    I’m impressed with her last words-everyone should be encouraged to write…and I like all her responses too. I look forward to reading this book someday.


  5. Nakki Taylor says:

    Interesting interview, Geosi. I enjoyed this very much.


  6. Prince Amani says:

    I admire Nigerian literature a lot. I have no doubt this would be another promising author. Maybe, I have to read this book but do not know when. Geosi, kudos for bringing this.


  7. amymckie says:

    Interesting interview Geosi. I’m really enjoying finding out about all these great authors and books. I can’t wait for the book to become available over on this side of the sea!


  8. myne Whitman says:

    Wow, a nice fresh side to Oyindamola. isn’t it interesting what new things we learn from different questions. I look forward to getting my copy.


  9. […] North by Brian Chikwava – a kind of funny story on this book. Geosi Reads interviewed author Oyindamola Affinnih and she mentioned that she really enjoyed this book. I wasn’t able to find her book, so […]


  10. Such a phiilosophy by Oyindamola Halima Affinnih. I was inspired. She is actually saying that we do not run far enougth for us to find out that we have indeed two wings. She is good and on her way to become great. Sometimes, one can try


  11. Hi Oyindamola,
    I’m a young Nigerian teacher based in Lagos. I’m also inti writing and some of my works will be out soon. I came across your novel ‘Two Gone…Still Counting’ at an activity field where one of my students held your book in her hand, reading. I was attracted by the book cover and I requested to read it. Your book description at the back got me hooked and I was very eager to read the whole book. I must say that your book is very interesting. I am seeing a glorious generation of writers rising in your likes, Chimamanda Adichie and the host of others. Kudos sister. I would like to know you better if you don’t mind. Here is my e-mail: and telephone: 07059939752. God bless you really good. Joshua.


    • Geosi says:

      I see how you loved this book and I hope your message gets to the Oyindamola. Thanks for visiting.


      • Hello Joshua. I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this. Well… I’m glad you liked the cover page and its contents. Especially since you found it interesting. It also means you are not the only one seeing this rise in new generation of writers. Thanks Joshua. Keep the writing spirit up and stay in touch with Geosi. God bless.


      • Geosi says:

        Oyindamola, I am extremely to read your response to Joshua. It’s all good to reach out to your fans and readers. Cheers!


  12. oludayo says:

    Hi oyinda compliment of the season over there I just want u to be my friend


  13. oludayo says:

    Hi oyinda I want u to. Be my friend


  14. GRACE says:



  15. Hello Grace. Good to meet you on here.


  16. Wonderful and excellently told! I jst loved d way the story of amani was told. If by nw u still avent read dis book and ont knw where 2 find it I bought mine at Hub media store in shoprite lekki phase 1 for as low as a thousand naira


  17. Oyindamola Affinnih says:

    Thanks Aghedo.


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