Beefing Up My Shelves – Feb. 7, 2013

It’s been a while since I last ‘beefed up’ my shelves.

The excuse has probably been my commitment to reading books from my shelves rather than buying more.

Here are a few books acquired a couple of weeks ago:

1. Search Sweet Country by Kojo Laing

2. Every Man is a Race by Mia Couto

3. A Woman Alone by Bessie Head

4. As the Crow Flies by Veronique Tadjo

5. Duskland by JM Coetzee

Have you read any of the above books? Which of them should I read first?

9 Responses to Beefing Up My Shelves – Feb. 7, 2013

  1. Haven’t bought any books in a while, since I hae so much that I am yet to read. No, never read any of the above.

    Regards what to read first, I wll be baised and say read Bessie head, then Veronique. The rest can follow any how you choose. bu since I do remember you saying you love Coetzee, then you could read him first or save the best for last. 🙂


  2. zibilee says:

    I haven’t heard of any of these, but the Coetzee sounds awesome! I hope that you enjoy all of them. It looks like your shelves will be filling up nicely, if you keep it going like this 🙂


  3. Mary Okeke says:

    I have only heard of Bessie Head, one of her books is in my TBR. Coetzee I know too but haven’t read any of his book… well.. looking forward to reading Disgrace.. not sure when though… Mia Cuoto, I was sent a copy of his book in spanish.
    Finally… I have not read of the books you just purchased… and.. I am with Afua start with A woman alone by Bessie Head.

    Ohh yes.. now I think I have Kojolaing in my TBR… perhaps a read a review on Nana’s blog.

    Good luck with your readings!


  4. First, this is good. Your new look is excellent.

    I’ve read all the five books and I know you’re not surprised. Search Sweet Country is one hell of a book. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Kojo’s writing is supreme and his visions are out of this world. Besides, what he writes about are unique. He has a way with words and language. You will meet such names as Kojo Pol, 1/2-Allotey and co.

    The rest are all good. As the Crow Flies is written in poetic vistas. It’s good.

    A woman alone is largely autobiographical.


  5. winstonsdad says:

    as the crow flies is one I hope to get at some point ,all the best stu


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