Interview with Nigerian Writer, Sefi Atta


Brief Biography:

Sefi Atta was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She was educated there, in England and the United States.

Geosi Reads: You write in many different genres: short stories, radio plays, novels. Could you discuss the different genres? Which one do you enjoy doing most?

Sefi Atta: I enjoy writing plays most. I haven’t written a radio play in a while and I don’t write short stories anymore because the process of submitting them depressed me. I really enjoy revising novels, but drafting them can be a pain.

The rest of the interview will be available in my forthcoming book (2016) by Lamar University Press Books.


5 Responses to Interview with Nigerian Writer, Sefi Atta

  1. Mary Okeke says:

    Interesting, I have not read any of her novels yet. She seems to be part of the contemporary African writers.


  2. Lauri says:

    I love Sefi’s writing, I’m a big fan. I really enjoyed this interview. It’s great that she views writing as a process, with each book being a place to improve. I like that because I think of it that way too. Best of luck Sefi!


  3. Brian Joseph says:

    Great interview. I have not read Sefi Atta but I want to now!

    Very insightful how Macbeth reminds her of an African play.


  4. An interesting interview… it’s always fun getting to know the authors behind the books.


  5. ewurabasempe says:

    Love Sefii’s work. Discovered them when teaching “alternative” high school lit. I love hearing other writers say they are addicted to writing; it’s refreshing!


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