An Interview with Ghanaian – British Writer, Yaba Badoe

Brief Biography:

Yaba Badoe is a Ghanaian – British documentary film – maker, journalist and fiction writer. A graduate of King’s College, Cambridge, she worked as a civil servant in Ghana before becoming a general trainee with the BBC.

Yaba Badoe: I started writing ‘True Murder’ long before I began making ‘The Witches of Gambaga’. I think anyone who’s spent time in Ghana is aware of how religious and superstitious many Ghanaians of all ages are. Ajuba is typical in this regard.

Geosi Reads: Film making and writing fiction? Which of the two are you likely to be caught doing most? Do you have any preference over the other?

The rest of the interview will be available in my forthcoming book (2016) by Lamar University Literary Press.



9 Responses to An Interview with Ghanaian – British Writer, Yaba Badoe

  1. A great interview Geosi. I love your questions and the responses too. Both sections well captured. The work on the witches is stupendous. I have to get her novel soon. You asked the right questions.


    • Geosi says:

      Thanks, Nana. If you’re able to watch the film, you would understand why I had those goosebumps… You might also want to go for the book from E.P.P bookstore as I would be glad to hear your thoughts too.


  2. Linda says:

    I REALLY did enjoy this interview. I may want to read her book at a point in time. Thanks, Geosi.


  3. Kinna says:

    Wonderful interview. And the film is mind-blowing. She is very talented and and is one of my *favorite* people.


    • Geosi says:

      Thanks Kinna. I will agree with you on the film. There’s no denying she’s talented and I am eager to see how her next book would be. I am happy your review on her book gave me that permission read her.


  4. amymckie says:

    Fantastic interview! Loved learning more about the film (which I have on my list to find) and the book which I really enjoyed. Looking forward to see what is next!


    • Geosi says:

      Thanks, Amy! I know you liked her book so much as your review proved. In fact, it was after review you and Kinna’s review that peaked my interest. At the end, I am happy to have read the book, watched the film and also so, so, glad to have met her personally. I got a signed copy of her book and that book goes straight into my wardrobe – perhaps wanting to store it for many, many, years to come.


  5. […] is by Ghanaian-British writer, Yaba Badoe, and there also is a very interesting interview with her here, on Geosi Reads, which discusses her film-making and […]


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